Product Features

Radiolink R6DS, 2.4G 6 channels receiver, DSSS and FHSS spread spectrum working synchronously, use for Radiolink transmitters AT9, AT9S and AT10. SBUS, PPM and PWM signal possible working at the same time.

Two operating modes output:

(1) PWM signal output working mode:red LED indicates PWM signal output, 6 channels totally.

(2) SBUS/PPM & PWM signal output working mode: blue/purple LED indicates SBUS/PPM signal output, CH1 output PPM signal, and CH2 output SBUS signal, CH3 output CH3 PWM signal(for helicopter) and CH4 to CH6 output CH8 to CH10 independent PWM signal simultaneously, 10 channels signal totally.

SBUS/PPM and PWM signal change:

Short press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, the signal is changed from normal PWM to SBUS/PPM. The red LED indicates the normal PWM and blue/purple indicates SBUS/PPM.

Product feature:

1.DSSS&FHSS act perfect on anti interference, especially on 433 and graph transmission.

2.Output SBUS, PPM and PWM signals simult

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